Babai is not only a name or brand. Babai as Babai it's a symbol of trust, symbol of strong bonding from generation to generation. It's a legacy from today to tomorrow to future.
Babai envisages a happy and healthy nation both physically and mentally. Food is the most important part of our life to live.
Babai's utmost mission is to collect food from the primary sources, reduces chances of contamination and finally reach to the customers.

Babai invites everyone to join hands with us for a better Bangladesh, a happier nation. Most of us know about the food contamination and we all like to talk about the problem and at last we all just bow our head. We all just feel that we have nothing to do, rather accept it. At this point some of dedicated young professional formed Babai to fight against food contamination, encouraging real farmer to produce pure & authentic food and encouraging all to eat pure, be healthy.

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Our Products

If you have been looking for authentic food products, you are now just at the right place. Freshness and purity of food products come first than the price thus at BABAI we promise to deliver only the fresh and quality approved goods.
All our products are 100% genuine that is why people are constantly coming back to our site after buying from us. We are passionate about the health and wellbeing of our next generation.

রোগমুক্ত থাকতে চান- ভেজালমুক্ত খাবার খান

Our Mission

Babai does not only want to business by adding more and more items. Thus BABAI does not only sell authentic foods, although there are minimum product standards that apply to every single product that we sell. We have never sell anything that contained artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, flavors' or anything else. Our business began with a passion for authentic goods and we are always motivated to increase the percentage of authentic products that we'll deliver to you. However, we try to collect the items our customers want to buy that cannot be easily obtained elsewhere!

Our Commitment to You

BABAI is committed to expanding product line to meet your demands, at prices that mean everyone can afford a little bit of Bangladeshi taste. We are committed to bringing you exceptional customer service, ensuring you have a friendlier and happier shopping experience throughout the year. BABAI will not sell or rent your personal identifiable information to anyone anytime. We will deliver to your doorstep at your preferred time. Shop with us in confidence and we also accept returns, free of cost.

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